Justin realized small decisions now, could later in life become big life changes. For a simple choice between a camera and a new Playstation his life flipped upside down. At just the age of 11, that one choice seemed to be the hardest decision he ever had to make. When others played games, rode their skateboards and lived as he was expected to. He decided to dedicate his time and efforts to photography. With the ever so amazement into photography Justin tried to find any way to make it a part of his everyday life. In 8th grade after mentioning the interest he had in photography, he was given the opportunity to be a part of the yearbook staff, where he would then without realizing it start to build the skills and experience he needed to begin his journey as a photographer. He mastered the basic fundamentals of a camera at such a young age, he then was able to get a major head start on becoming a well rounded photographer. From 8th grade to 12th grade, he continued to be the yearbook photographer, where he gained experience with dealing with all kinds of people, from kids to adults. Understanding what creates a good portrait from posing to lighting, to events and sports photography. Year after year having his work published, he started to see his work progress.

    In the process of acquiring skills from school events, a bit of luck hit Justin when it was much needed. At the age of 13, when his great grandfather passed away not able to conceal the fact photography was his love and his world, the right person happened to over hear. The owner of an 80+ year wedding photography studio happened to know his great grandfather, without a second thought called his grandfather a week after the funeral, asking him to come out and shoot for HyPaul studio. Justin found his opportunity. At just the age of 13, he learned the ins and outs of the wedding and mitzvah business. Gaining skills from some of the best photographers on the east coast. With Weddings and Mitzvahs every weekend, school events and portraits during the week, Justin very rarely put a camera down.

    From there, Justin's passion, experience, and knowledge simply grew. While still in high school, Working for multiple photography studios, getting his work published from yearbooks to billboards, Justin found his love in commercial photography where he began building clientele then soon landing a great opportunity with the NHL affiliated auction house, photographing the worlds rarest NHL memorabilia and equipment. Justin then graduated high school, to then further his education at Antonelli Institute, to major in Photography. He is currently a young 19 year old driven to succeed, motivated, diligent photographer, striving to dig deeper in the world of commercial product and advertising.